As Fewer People Install Office Software, Cloud Security Becomes Even More Essential

Personal computer users, fed up with having to pay hundreds of dollars for single-use license installations of Microsoft Office or Office for Mac, are now simply leaving these extra items off new laptop purchases. Instead, they're working within more efficient, free solutions: specifically, Google Drive and Apache OpenOffice. The cloud service Google Drive is at [...]

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Crocodoc’s Ryan Damico On How To Get Acquired

First off if you're not listening to the 500 startups weekly podcast you're doing it wrong. Each week 500 Startups Resident Marketing Manager and Baker, Mark Saldana sits down with 500 startups founders, mentors, investors and others in their network for a 1:1 look at the important things about starting up. In episode 22 Saldana [...]

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Too Lean Or Not Too Lean That Is The Question

I've never personally been a fan of "Lean" or the Minimum Viable Product concept. I believe the best startups come out of the gate with features in-tact, great user experience and with a good bit of polish on them. I don't believe that startups should take over a year to get there though, so the [...]

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