6 Tools Entrepreneurs Should Use to Increase Customer Retention

6 Tools Entrepreneurs Should Use to Increase Customer Retention It’s easy to rest on your laurels when your company is growing, but many entrepreneurs don’t know exactly what’s driving or hindering their growth in the first place. There are often dozens of factors at play, but no matter what industry you’re in, understanding your existing [...]

4 Essential Online Apps To Simplify Your Life

Here’s the kicker: courtesy of the amazing advancements in the tech industry, you have an endless array of ingenious applications to fill your desktop, folders and hard drives. But thanks to these very technologies, you don’t have a second to spare. If you’re starting to feel like the digital world is bent on overwhelming your [...]

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5 Tips For Shooting Fireworks Photos With Your Smart Phone

Smartphone Fireworks Tips It's hard to believe that the Fourth of July is already here. That means that millions of people are going to use their smartphones tonight to take pictures of fireworks. If this is your first time owning a smartphone on the Fourth of July, or your fireworks photos have come out bad [...]

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Five Profitable Vertical Ventures for those in Web Design

A web designers job requires many skills that are, individually, in high demand. It just so happens that these web designers package all of their talents toward completing one main goal: developing websites for individuals and businesses. But there is so much more out there if one is willing to develop and market one of [...]

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Protecting Your Smartphone From Data Theft – Here’s What You Need To Do

No matter what kind of smartphone you own, ‘protect your handset in every way’ has become an adage every smartphone owner will come across at some point in their lives. Smartphone theft is an increasing problem in the US, and the number of smartphones lost to thieves doubled last year, according to a Consumer Reports [...]

3 Ways Tech Companies Can Lower Their Costs

For young companies in the tech industry, the initial stages are the most challenging, especially on the financial side. Whilst it is tempting to narrow your focus, purchasing small and planning to integrate systems as your company grows, what might lower your expenses in the short term can often cost you more over time. Cut [...]

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5 Ways Business Moves Money Online

Moving money in the real world is fairly simple at this point. You write a check, you slide your card, you hand someone cash. The world of business is changing, however, and that means incorporating a globalized clientele and contractors. The digital realm has also brought new competition against consumer banks in the form of [...]

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Check Out These Tech Themed Halloween Costumes

This year we've seen so many different trends in tech. Names like SnapChat, Instagram and even Facebook have been household names all year long. With that come the Halloween costumes. Business Insider compiled some of the greatest tech themed halloween costumes of 2013. Here are some that we really liked: Candy Crush Candy Crush is [...]

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TechTips: 5 Tips To Find An Angel Investor

So you're starting a tech company. The first thing you're going to need is money right? Well right now there are millions of other people int he same boat as you. Everyone is looking for money. Thankfully there is more than one source for money for your great tech company. There's crowdfunding, venture capital, revenue [...]

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Is Being First to the Market Always the Best Strategy?

If you have a really good product idea, one that clearly fills a demonstrated need and isn't yet available in any app store, should you go for perfection or try to be the first to market? Sometimes, it pays to be first, even if your product isn't yet ready for prime time. Couple and "the [...]

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