OneSpark Creator AnyInc Hosting Their Own Accelerator At OneSpark

AnyInc is the latest iteration of a company that entrepreneur Chris Markl started back in January. AnyInc blossomed out of ReStartUp, a business model that got some market validation during an entrepreneurial event at the University of North Florida. ReStartup's model was to become a platform for buying and selling startup companies that otherwise may [...]

Cyanogen closes on another $23 million after Series B Investments

To take a part time hobby and turn it into a full time job is not an easy task, but the folks at Cyanogen are hard at work to prove they can do it. After raising $7 million to start the company and get things going they have just announced that the Series B funding [...]

Wolfram Looks to Revolutionize Computing With The “Most Important Technology Project Yet”

Stephen Wolfram shed some light on his remarkable vision for the future of computation. His new programming language - Wolfram Language - could completely alter everything we know about computing.

Tesla looks to move beyond just vehicles with a Solar Power Storage Unit

To say that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has some wild dreams would be an understatement, but Musk has already brought some really great technology to the table already. Tesla is most well known for its electric Model S vehicle, but Musk is one of the brains behind the Hyperloop idea and now they look to [...]

SolidEnergy and The Key To Electric Vehicle (EV) Survival

SolidEnergy, yet another company born out of MIT, is making amazing strides in the battery industry that will drastically reduce the cost of electric vehicles (EVs). The company is clearly on the brink of revolutionizing the battery industry, and the awards and honors are beginning to pile up.

Roughy Toys Takes To Indiegogo To Bring One 2 One To The Toy Industry

Ever since Tom's shoes hit the retail market the concept of buying something to have the same thing given to someone in need has sparked a new interest in giving to people in need. It's perhaps the easiest way to donate anything, and manufacturers like Tom's make it super simple. If you're not familiar with [...]

An 11 Year Old, Beer And Astronauts

Most stories about teenagers, much less tweens, that involve beer don't typically end well. The big American brewing companies, retailers, bars and restaurant associations spend tens of millions of dollars advertising that beer and alcohol are strictly for those 21 and up. So when we hear a good story, an innovative story about an 11 [...]

The Less Visible Innovations: PathoGenetix and Bio-Tech

PathoGenetix has developed an automated system for rapid bacteria identification, which is currently used primarily for food safety testing. Owing to the quality of their product, PathoGenetix began collaborating with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in April of 2013, and then with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service in September of 2013. ] On the heels of this collaboration, PathoGenetix announced, on Oct. 30, the closing of a $10M Series C round.

Utah Hosting $15,000 Mobile App “Concept To Company” Contest

The Startup Ogden Mobile App lab is looking to become the center of the mobile app universe in Ogden Utah. The organization is teaming up with Grow Utah Ventures, Northfront Business Resource Center, and Webster University/Startup Ogden of the $15,000 Mobile App Concept To Company contest. The Startup Ogden Mobile App lab knows that there [...]

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The Less Visible Innovations: Harvest Automation and Agriculture

There are visible signs of industry-wide disruption all around us. Uber has replaced the taxi, Redbox has replaced Blockbuster, Netflix, Hulu and others have replaced cable, Amazon has replaced the mall, and a whole host of other examples come to mind. However, some of the greatest advancements and innovations are going wholly unnoticed. Consider the case of Harvest Automation, and the $300B agriculture industry as a whole