Chil speaker

It is hard to turn on the TV these days without seeing a commercial for some sort of bluetooth speaker. Be it a Beats by Dre, Jawbone, or Sol Republic – the one with the commercial that features Michael Phelps and Lil’ Jon – model. However, you will have to spend upwards of $199.99 for even the cheapest model that these any of these companies offer. If you like the idea of a wireless bluetooth speaker, but can’t spend $200 on one, look no further than CHIL.

CHIL Mobile Accessories

CHIL makes tons of accessories for mobile devices. Everything from the iPad, to the Samsung Galaxy Note, to the Kindle, and everything in-between. We’ll get to more of the accessories below, but we need to start with CHIL’s flagship product, the ChilBox.

chilbox portable wireless Bluetooth speaker


The ChilBox is an incredibly powerful portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. The speaker boasts a range of up to 35 feet and the battery can provide up to 12 hours of play time. What’s more, the ChilBox also features an internal microphone equipped with a digital signal processor (DSP) for echo processing and noise cancellation, making it an excellent speakerphone. All-in-all, the ChilBox is a beast of a speaker, but we haven’t even gotten to the best part, the price. The ChilBox only costs $99.99, or half the price of the Beats Pill speaker.

iPad folio

iPad Wireless Keyboard Folio

Looking for an iPad case? A wireless keyboard? Well, CHIL’s keyboard folio gives you both features, and for the price you would expect to pay for one. At $79.99, this case is an excellent value. The keyboard utilizes the same Bluetooth technology as the ChilBox, and is removable from the case itself. At such a reasonable price, this case/keyboard combo makes a perfect gift.




powershare reactor


PowerShare Reactor Multi-device Charger

The PowerShare charger makes charging multiple devices incredibly easy. The charger is a four port USB power station that provide 5.1Amps of power and surge protection to your mobile devices. Priced at $49.99, the PowerShare Reactor is a perfect stocking stuffer.


That’s not nearly the end of CHIL’s product line. They have a unique case – The Notchbook – in sizes that fit just about every single tablet on the market, all priced around $30-35. A smaller, two device charger, for just under $15. And maybe the most unique product they offer is a slap stylus, for just under $15 as well. While CHIL offers some very useful products, perhaps the Charleston companies’ greatest appeal is in their low price-point.

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