PolarPod1It wasn’t quite scorching at the Jacksonville Landing on Wednesday afternoon, but compared with the weather we’ve been receiving up north it was hot, at least a good 75 degrees. Imagine if OneSpark, the World’s Crowdfunding Festival was held in August where temperatures regularly reach the mid to upper 90’s. That would have been real cause for a Polar Pod.

The Polar Pod was created by Steve Parry. It’s a self contained cooling station. Say you’re at Bonaroo, Lillith Fair or any of the other hundreds or so big outdoor festivals during the summer and you’re just too hot to keep going. You need a few minutes to cool off, that’s what the Polar Pod is for. Step into the Polar Pod where you’ll find temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees giving your body a chance to cool down before going out in the blazing sun again.

It’s too big a task to call for giant air conditioners and the truth of the matter is most people don’t even need, or want a big air conditioner, they just need a few minutes to cool their jets. That’s what the Polar Pod does.

PolarPod-insideThe inside of the Polar Pod features bench seat and air conditioning running at very cool temperatures. The Polar Pod also features a flat screen tv so you can take in your favorite program or even a live feed of the event you’re attending while cooling off.  While Parry didn’t say how much electricity the Polar Pod needs it does run off of a generator.

Right now Parry has one Polar Pod and is renting it out at major events, he hauls it in, sets it up and runs the entire operation. He’s hoping that by securing $100,000 in funding he can get a few more Polar Pods into his fleet and is even open to finding partners that would want to invest in, and operate their own Polar Pods.

Check out our interview with Parry here and a walk through of the Polar Pod. The air conditioners in the Polar Pod itself make it a little hard to hear in the video.

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