artkick1The Mona Lisa by Leonardo a Vinci, The Visitation by Rembrandt, and Irises by van Gogh. What does these fine works of art have to do with each other?

Those three world class, high end pieces are worth billions of dollars alone. They are some of the most popular works of art in the world.  All three pieces are part of a collection of 32 pieces totaling in value over $4.2 billion dollars.

Now, through the miracle of technology, Google Chromecast an a Chromecast app called Artkick, these beautiful pieces can be the centerpiece of your art collection during your next party. Simply connect the Google Chromecast into your USB equipped tv and start using Artkick, and you’ll be able to display these works of art in your home.

Artkick2Sure they aren’t the real thing, but with the latest in video technology you could produce one gallery quality show on your tv, the bigger the better.

Artkick is a cloud based Chromecast app that draws from museums throughout the world, Nasa Library of Congress, and social media. Artkick takes all of the art and formats the image for viewing on someone’s television. Artkick has a companion app for your smartphone or tablet that allows the user to control the way the images are displayed, for how long and at what resolution.

Find out more about Artkick here.