Artstarter1Kickstarter and Indiegogo are great crowdfunding platforms for just about anything under the sun. What started out as a way for independent musicians to get their music projects funded, quickly evolved into a platform for games to be developers, products to come to market and even books to get published. But now that crowdfunding is percolating at the mainstream we are starting to see an abundance of attempts at fine-tuning crowdfunding to focus on individual markets.

While some may suggest that segregating projects is putting them into silos, this is actually better for the creators in each individual area.

With platforms like Screwpulp for instance, a hybrid recommendation engine and crowdfunding platform for authors, readers can peruse books rather than sifting through tablet stands and sensors to find what they are really looking for. The same is true for newcomer artstarter. 

ArtstarterLogoArtstarter was conceived at a National Day of Civil Hacking event in Orlando Florida. That’s where the team of, Brian Wilson, David Shaw, Don DiMarzio and Pam DiMarzio got together to build out a platform to help artists and true art projects funded in this crowded world of crowdfunding.

“ArtStarter is bringing crowdfunding to artists from the viewpoint of the artist. ArtStarter was built with the unique needs of artists in mind. We aim for two main goals: funding for artistic endeavors and helping facilitate increased attendance at live events by providing better tools. We’ve concurrently developed the website, iOS and android apps, to immediately answer the needs of artists.” the team said on it’s OneSpark profile page. 

Artstarter is for the arts, performing arts and culture. Gallery openings, installation artists, mural projects and just about anything art related has a place at Artstarter. This way, those who are looking to fund art projects specifically.

Currently an urban art museum installation project, an artists for autism mural, an art and music festival and a documentary about teen pregnancy are seeking funds via Artstarter.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said “We just unveiled See Art Orlando, Downtown’s new public art collection and next year will open a new performing arts center. ArtStarter will help keep the momentum going by allowing residents to collectively invest in our growing arts and cultural amenities.”

Artstarter is looking for $250,000 out of the over $3 million dollars available to OneSpark creators. You can see their OneSpark profile page here and visit Artstarter on the web here.