CleverpetRight now you’re probably thinking what on earth is a gaming console for dogs? Are we teaching dogs how to spend hours upon hours playing video games? Is your dog ready for Mario Kart 8?

Well think about this for a second. At it’s core, what does a video game console do for us? It cures boredom. When we aren’t bored we are happy. The same holds true for dogs. Graham Bloem, the Head Trainer with CleverPet says “a dog with a job is a happy job” and that’s where the CleverPet device comes in.

CleverPet is a rather clever treat dispenser. The treats are kept hidden from the dog until the dog decides to push one of the buttons. After the dog has mastered hitting any button to get a treat, the Clever Pet progressively gets harder. In the next round the CleverPet illuminates one button and leaves the others not lit. The dog must then hit the lit button to get the treat. As the dog masters that skill it moves onto even trickier tasks. The best part is that Clever Pet is entertaining your dog even when you’re not home.


The CleverPet can connect to the internet over wifi and the dog owner can change up the interactions using a mobile app. CelverPet also includes a microphone to hear the dogs barks and a speaker so the dog can hear the owners recorded voice.

CleverPet includes three basic levels and then after those levels are mastered it gets progressively harder and even more interactive. For instance in one level the lights change colors, two lights may be yellow while the other is blue. The dog must press the blue button to get the treat. Or the light may stay yellow and occasionally blink blue, the dog must hit the button while it’s blue.


CleverPet even has audible games that reward the dog based on verbal commands. CleverPet may tell the dog to touch blue and when it does it’s rewarded with a treat. It may teach it to touch left or touch right, again rewarding the dog when it gets it right. This repetition is the key to dog training.

CleverPet is an interactive companion keeping your dog entertained while you’re gone. It’s giving your dog treats while your gone and it’s training the dog to respond to commands. Yes CleverPet is actually teaching your dog.

You can preorder CleverPet here on their Kickstarter page.