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We have come across a ton of note taking apps recently. For the most part, however, they all seem to fall down in one area or another. They are either too bulky, or don’t allow real-time collaboration, or actually cot money, or are difficult to navigate – we’re looking at you Google Drive. However, CrowdNotes thinks that they have figured out a solution. Martijn Aurik of CrowdNotes was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.


What is CrowdNotes?

CrowdNotes is a simple, clean, intuitive approach to taking notes. Control, stability, productivity and real-time collaboration is what CrowdNotes distinguishes from other notetaking apps. Whether you’re in a meeting or following a class, CrowdNotes is your tool to easily take, save and share your notes. Together, at the same time!

CrowdNotes is completely free to use!


– Join nearby CrowdNotes users or add them by name
– Real-time collaboration on notes
– Share and sent notes by email within a second

Who is CrowdNotes for? What is the target market?

Our audience is everybody who want to take notes in a more collaborative way. People with a lot of meeting, students taking a lot of notes on their iPads or families who want to collaborate on their grocery lists.

What makes CrowdNotes different from what is already out there?

Our slogan is: Your notes, together! Real-time collaboration is what CrowdNotes distinguishes from other notetaking apps. You can actually see each other typing notes.

Tell us about the team

We’re a small team, consisting of 3 people:

Roel Noort -> Managing Director

Martijn Aurik -> Product & Community
Martijn’s focus is on building the right features to make notetaking easier and more fun. Martijn knows search engine marketing and social media inside and out. He ensures support questions are handled quickly and accurately, whether they arrive by e-mail or social media, and he helps build CrowdNotes buzz on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites.

Gert-Jaap Glasbergen -> technology:
Gert-Jaap has been architecting and developing document-management software for over fifteen years. He owns a whole range of battery-powered gadgets, the biggest one being his electric car. Loves to tackle complex technical challenges. At CrowdNotes he is in charge of software development and operations.

We would like to thank Martjin and the whole Crowdnotes team for answering our questions. Check out CrowdNotes and their other offering, Minute.