digedu-topThere’s going to be a time in the not so distant future where the term flipped classroom won’t exist anymore. Why, because in education in the future all classrooms will be flipped. (If you’re not familiar with flipped classroom we’ve got a great overview here.).

While the US is struggling with common core in an effort to make sure that students in Nebraska have the same common core standards as students in Florida, teachers are taking notice that all students are different.

This isn’t an earth shattering revolution or anything. In fact teachers have been dealing with the fact that students are different and learn in different ways and a different pace for decades. Some students are extremely fast paced, they have to constantly be stimulated. Other students need to learn, re-learn and re-read concepts until their comfortable with what they are learning. Twenty years ago, that meant one of those types of students was probably headed to the principal’s office, while the other digedulogowas headed to special ed.

Now, innovative ways to teach, like the flipped classroom, and technology allow one teacher to do what they love in the classroom and teach all of the students.

digedu’s cloud based platform, The Learning Engine, allows teachers to individualize instruction.

When tablets are deployed in a classroom using digedu, the same curriculum can be taught in different ways for each student’s needs. One student could hum along at a fast pace while another could get follow up instruction for mastery. The teacher can use digedu on their tablet and see where each student is in the lesson. This can let the teacher evaluate where they need to be, who they need to coach and who they need to encourage to dive deeper in instruction.

digedu-Screenshot-Insight-2digedu also creates an environment where the students who may be slower and grasping ideas, don’t stick out and don’t feel like they are behind the other students. This environment also encourages those students who are further along in the lesson to help their peers, not because they want to move on and they’re bored, but because they can, and they want to.

digedu can also be used as a pre and post diagnostic tool for teachers. Teachers can put the standards on the tablet and quickly assess in real time where the students are in the curriculum.

Finally the playingfield can be leveled in a way that keeps all students actively learning. “It’s really hard to differentiate and not ostracize someone in someway. Technology has the ability to make everyone equal in the classroom, the first time we’ve really actually seen it done” Shenice Miller a special education teacher said.

You can find out more about digedu here and visit them at ISTE 2014 at booth 1826