Dosing DialsEvery now and then, something so simple comes along that just blows our minds. Dosing Dials is definitely one of those things. The number of accidental overdoses amongst children is at an all time high. While many of these cases involve self-ingestion of medicines – a child taking drugs on their own – there is still a very high number of parental or guardian administered overdoses.1 These overdoses are, more often than not, a result of simple carelessness and miscommunication between guardians, rather than anything malicious in nature. This is where Docing Dials comes in:

Dosing Dials is a new company that has been created by two moms that wanted a better way to communicate with their spouses and babysitters when their children needed the next dose of medication. As parents, Quita and Alex worried when a dose of medication was missed or accidentally given again. So, to ensure that parents and caregivers alike did not over or under dose with medication, they created Dosing Dials TM. Dosing Dials is a medicine indicator that slips over the neck of a bottle and you mark when the next dose is due. Each Dosing Dial is designed for 24 hours use – nothing to wash – just use and dispose.2

Dosing DialDosing Dials is an incredibly simple idea, with a major impact. the dial is a simple paper indicator that helps parents and guardians keep track of medicine dosing:

‘Lil DoserTM is a medicine dosing indicator that can easily mount to the neck of a medicine container for use in dispensing medication as prescribed or directed. THAT MEANS, no more writing logs or late night notes to your spouse or caregiver, simply notate on the Dosing DialTM when the next dosage is due….at the end of the day, toss the dial and get a new one!3

We had a chance to speak with Alex Gortot and La Quita Barnhart, the founders of Dosing Dials, during One Spark. They told us a bit more about the product, and the idea behind the paper dial:

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