While we were in Jacksonville for One Spark, we had a chance to speak with Taylor Wallace, the co-Founder of WeVue. “WeVue”, Wallace told us, “is an app platform that allows anyone to crowdsource pictures or videos from an event and easily turn that content into videos on your phone.” The idea is that you can use the pictures taken by everyone in the crowd to make an awesome montage.

Essentially, the app is different from the Instagrams and Flickers in 3 main ways:

1) it is event based, 2) it allows for the crowdsourcing and sharing of content (i.e. photos and videos from events), and 3) it creates and allows users to create personalized Vues from the event. Vues are group movies made out of the crowdsourced content from an event with the addition of a soundtrack. These Vues allow users to get as creative as they want, sharing and reliving their events with associates, friends, and families.1

The app is badass. During One Spark, the WeVue team got a bunch of people to download the app and join the One Spark event. The team sifted through tons of photos and videos to create a One Spark Vue. It is pretty awesome. Check it out below and download WeVue from the iOS app Store: