lulu-logoApps that rate men and women in a “hot or not” type of way are often seen as sexist, especially when the app calls for rating a woman. But is it ok when the tables are turned and the app is rating men?

Lulu founder Alexandra Chong seems to think it’s just fine. Her Facebook app allows women to rate their ex-boyfriends, friends and strangers in secret.

Chong spoke at Business Insider’s Startup 2013 event and explained why it was ok to rate men with her app.

She says that Lulu is not a dating application but it’s a place where girls can share and validate experiences together. She says it’s about relationships ,love, beauty, health, careers and all sorts of topics. It’s taking off with college girls in the US. One in four college aged girls in the US are using Lulu.

Chong also talked with Business Insider’s Allyson Shontell about the mystique created by the girls only app and how guy’s aren’t allowed but they are definitely helping drive women to the app. Guys are scored on the app with a 1-10 rating and guys everywhere want to know what their score is. When a guy tries to penetrate the Lulu system they get a message saying “Hey Dude, you’re a dude”.

When Shonetell asked Chong about why it’s ok to rate guys and not girls Chong basically dismissed the idea that it’s wrong because it’s being done everywhere. “Guys everywhere have tried to do it, some just not as successful” Chong said on the panel. She did reveal that Lulu now has a portal where guys can go and add stuff to their rating profile. They can also asked to be rated by the Lulu community. That feature has taken off with over 500,000 guys requesting to get ranked on Lulu. So there you have it.

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