What! BuzzFeed Was Plagiarising?

Popular viral content site Buzzfeed found themselves under the spotlight for plagiarism late last week. The issue started to come to light on Thursday, reports The Huffington Post. Two twitter users, @blippoblappo and @crushingbort began posting instances where Buzzfeed editor Benny Johnson was quoting other works verbatim without attribution, on their site Our Bad Media.  For the [...]

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Five Profitable Vertical Ventures for those in Web Design

A web designers job requires many skills that are, individually, in high demand. It just so happens that these web designers package all of their talents toward completing one main goal: developing websites for individuals and businesses. But there is so much more out there if one is willing to develop and market one of [...]

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How Do You Internet? [infographic]

According to several reports 85% of the US population uses the internet in some type of way. Another study suggests that over 70% of the US has a "broadband" connection, which right now encompasses anyone with a connection speed better than 6mbps. With all those people using the internet, the question arises, just how do [...]

That 6mbps Home Data Plan May Not Be “Broadband” Much Longer

If you've owned a computer and an internet connection that used a phone line, and welcomed you with the voice of Elwood Edwards saying "You've Got Mail" then you've also been through several iterations of high speed internet or broadband. Currently, connections with a steady downstream speed of 4 megabits per second or more, have [...]

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Fluendo Moves to The U.S. To Grow its ONEPLAY

We just came across some interesting news: Fluendo is moving to the U.S. Fluendo is an incredibly interesting company, that makes a ton of great products. Their main offering, ONEPLAY, is one of the best media players available. ONEPLAY is based off of the GStreamer open source framework. The major benefit of ONEPLAY lies in its [...]

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George Takei Helps AARP Win 2 Webby Awards

The Webby Awards are like the Oscars,Emmys or Grammys for the web industry. Think all of those wonderful internet only tv shows, radio shows, podcasts and YouTube channels. Like most award shows, the internet elite assemble for a red carpet award show in New York. The New York Times calls the Webby Awards the "Internet's [...]

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Arby’s Uses EBay To Get Their Hat Back From Pharell

When Pharell appeared on the Grammy's this year, for once he wasn't outdone by his good friends Daft Punk and their space suite. Pharell rocked an amazing hat that became all the talk of the week, even yielding it's own Twitter account @pharellshat. President Barrack Obama's State Of The Union address was later that same [...]

De La Soul Pirated Their Own Music, To Give It Away

We are particularly fond of De La Soul these days. Plug Three, or Maseo, the hip hop group's DJ is the father of Auburn University's star running back and Heisman candidate, Tre Mason. All college football aside, the hip hop pioneers did something pretty cool for Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day the group decided to [...]

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Woman Quits Her Job In Front Of 100 Million People During GoDaddy Commercial

Long gone are the days of GoDaddy's risque, head turning Super Bowl ads. Over the past two years GoDaddy has been heavily targeting small business owners and helping people launch new businesses. With that theme in mind this year's Superbowl ad, while lacking scantly clad women, actually featured a woman who has a side business [...]

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Comcast Going 1Gbps Across Cable In 2015

Currently there are six US cities that offer 1Gbps data speeds over fiber optic. Chattanooga, TN, Kansas City, Provo UT, Austin Texas, Opelika AL and Wilson NC all provide some kind of fiber optic network capable of 1GBps data speeds. Several of those cities like Chattanooga, Kansas and Opelika AL offer the same speed both [...]