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There are going to be a ton of apps on display at this years One Spark. That said, one of the apps that we are most looking forward to checking out is Drawer. Drawer is an app that allows users to share their favorite venues with friends, as well as keep track of places you want to check out. Mostly, it looks as if restaurants are the main focus for Drawer.

Drawer App

Recently, Justin Davis, Drawer CEO, sat down with The Examiner to talk a bit about the application. On question and answer really stood out. The interviewer asked Davis “What benefit do people have with using your service vs the current alternatives, if any?” His answer speaks volumes about why the app was created:

 As opposed to review sites like Yelp, Urbanspoon and Tripadvisor, Drawer is all about personal curation and connection. We allow people to put together curated ists of places they want to try, as well as places they want to share with others. It’s much more an evangelism platform in that way. Also, everything on Drawer is positive. Because the places that people add to their drawers are the places they’re interested in or recommend, it naturally gets rid of the “bullhorns” problem of review sites (where most things end up with one or five stars).

We’re trying to help people get back to discovering places in the way that matters the most: between friends and family.1

We are definitely looking forward to checking out Drawer.


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  1. Jonathan Tavarez, The Examiner, “Exclusive interview with Tampa tech start-up founder Justin Davis of Drawer app,” 1 April 2014