OneTocklogoThere are social networks cropping up for all kinds of special interests. There are mass social networks like Facebook, and Twitter. There’s even a social network for you and your business life, of course that’s LinkedIn, but what if your business could have a social network. Meet OneTock a new social network for your local business.

Daily deals, social media, targeted advertising and even talking back to your customers, these ideas have all been tackled in individual apps or as part of another larger social network, but never as a stand alone social product for business.

Yelp is a great platform for customers to research your local business but it’s sometimes frowned upon when business owners or employees rebut reviews. That two way communication is almost vital these days and that’s just one of the robust features being developed in the OneTock platform.

Founder Rajesh Daggubati introduced OneTock as just another place for business owners to find marketing help. Now he’s clearly identified the holes in this method of marketing and social media and describes OneTock as “A social network where customers and business shares a common platform benefiting each other from the products and services.”

Onetock combines deals, places and e-commerce all into one easy front end site for users. It’s the back side where the magic really happens. Daggubati is also looking at OneTock as a nationwide solution attempting to build out the network to help small business owners in every city USA.

You can check out OneTock during OneSpark at the Jacksonville Landing and online here and here.