Dogs are the ultimate companions. They provide unconditional love. They’re waiting for you when you get home from work and are ready to listen to the details of your day no matter how good, bad or boring they really were.

Playing with your dog can be a great mentally refreshing break from reality. Whether it’s rawhide treats, bones or toys, all you have to do is throw it and you’ve made your dogs day. Dogs get exercise, have fun and feel loved with that simple little act. But what about when you’re not home.

Droppi-EasyDroppi is more than a treat dispenser for your pet, it helps automagically pamper your pet. The interactive Droppi allows you to record an audio message for your pet that can be played back while simultaneously dispensing your pets favorite treat.

While there are several automatic treat dispensers for dogs, and even several automatic “fetch” devices, Droppi allows the user to dispense a whole range of treats and toys from pigs ears and bones to rope toys, chew toys and even Kongs. Having the ability to change what’s dispenses along with the ability to change the message makes Droppi an automagical pet treat dispenser that’s different every time it’s used.

Droppi-WhatsInsideThe Droppi mounts on the wall and out of the pet’s reach so they can’t destroy it in between dispensing. The pet owner can simply change the location of the Droppi to add more variety to the pets time away from it’s owner. The timing mechanism makes it perfect while the owner goes on errands or to work.

Droppi’s four easy steps take the owner just a minute and it’s set for the next time he or she is away from their pet.

The Droppi will go live on Kickstarter next week and plans to ship in April of 2015 after they reach their funding goal of $40,000. You can ifnd out more at