Danny-Boice-SpeekThe easiest way to conference call just got easier for enterprise.

Our good friends at Speek, a DC startup re-inventing and simplifying the conference call, have been heads down since announcing a massive Series A round back in March. We’ve been waiting to see what the Speek team has come up with, because really conference calls can’t get much easier than Speek, but they’ve done it again this time simplifying conference calls for business.

For those not in the know, Speek.com is an amazingly easy way to conference call. To initiate a conference call you just tell people to go to your unique Speek url either on a computer or on their mobile phone and voila they are instantly engaged in the conference call. My personal Speek is speek.com/kyle and of course here at Techfaster we use Speek.com/techfaster.

So how’s it work?

Well little magical munchkin elves take the people that clicked on your URL and connect them to the conference bridge but without having to dial an 11 digit 800 number and a 10 digit pass code. There was no horrible connection music and you can even choose to do the call via your computer speakers and microphone or on an actual phone be it desk phone or a smartphone. If you’re on a mobile device the Speek app makes it equally as easy by just connecting to the user.

But the legendary Speek team, led by e-vite co-founder John Bracken and jack of all trades Danny Boice wasn’t done yet. They were onto something, like the holy grail of conference calls and people were literally going bananas over it… so they brought out an even more robust, and yet equally as simplistic, business product.

SpeekForBusiness-1Features included in the new “Speek For Business” include:


  • Screen sharing
  • Custom URL’s for conference calls. Example: company.speek.com/YourName
  • Branded conference calls with custom logo, colors and links to your website and social media accounts
  • Manage Speek links for your staff
  • Dashboard for all of your company’s conference call data
  • Improved visual interface for conference calls

SpeekForBusiness-2“Conference calls suck.  That’s a universal fact.  What also sucks is downloading a 50MB file to do an online meeting and share your screen, or only being able to join a conference call AFTER you’ve shared your screen.  With our launch of Speek for Business we fix all of the above for business users all over the World once and for all!” Boice said in a statement.

No matter what your business Speek for business can simplify your conference calls. Companies in financial services, media, non profits, consulting, healthcare and marketing and PR are all utilizing Speek and of course startups are using it to.

You can find out more about Speek at speek.com