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TF: What is your favorite website?

Gabriel: Not really enamored with anything right now. I know that is a bad answer!

TF: Droid or iPhone?

Gabriel: Droid

TF: Mac or PC?  

Gabriel: Both, but more PC.

TF: What Advice would you give a younger you?

Gabriel: I wouldn’t want to influence my past self since I’m happy with my current life.

TF: What is your favorite gadget?

Gabriel: These earphones that fit over your ear.

TF: What Book are you currently reading?

Gabriel: I don’t read regular books much anymore — feel too long-winded.

TF: How many hours a week do you work?

Gabriel: A lot.

TF: If you had to step away from the Tech world, what would you do?

Gabriel: Interviewing.

TF: What is your favorite blog?

Gabriel: @cdixon

TechFaster Team: We would like to thank Gabriel and DuckDuckGo for participating.  We greatly appreciate the thoughtful answers and insight!

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