EdTechThis year while the kids are enjoying a summer off, EdTech advisors, educational IT specialists, teachers, administrators and EdTech buyers across the country are going to be busy with a handful of good EdTech conferences. Atlanta will play host to the largest EdTech conference in the US, ISTE. Texas will play host to the TCEA Tots and Technology conference, and several other regional tech events are planned.

Educational Technology or EdTech is one of the fastest growing segments of the technology space. From devices in classrooms to smart boards, to curriculum managers, online curriculum platforms, mobile apps for education, collaborative platforms for students, Learning Management Systems and everything else in the sun, has made the EdTech space tricky to navigate.

The folks at Mindshare Learning have prepared an amazing infographic with some important tips for those people responsible for making purchases in the EdTech space. These purchases will directly impact, teachers, administrators, students and parents and have to be carefully thought out and managed.

Educational technology can be overwhelming. EdTech purchasers want to get the most for the students that they possibly can but are often stricken with very limited budgets and in some cases, parent fundraising needs to even purchase digital downloads. An EdTech conference can be like a kid in a candy store, but everything in the conference is actually good for kids.

In addition to doing research across the web and following Techfaster’s EdTech category, the tips provided below from Mindshare are a great starting point. Oh and if by chance you’re one of those EdTech companies trying to reach millions of educational influencers during the approaching EdTech conference season you may want to check this out.

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