ipad-classThere are so many buzzwords in EdTech. In fact we compiled this cheat sheet of sorts as we headed into the International Society for Technology in Education show earlier this month.

Two of the big buzzwords are 1:1 and BYOD. BYOD is bring your own device and 1:1 is when the school, or district distributes one device to each student, teacher and administrator so that the entire class or school is using the same device.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.




Bring your own device means that students get a chance to use a device that they’re familiar with. It also means that schools, and districts can save money by not having to furnish devices for eveyone.


Not all students can afford devices making it problematic for schools in deciding what device to furnish for the students. It also means that not all students are on the same operating system. Device battery drain may also be an issue with some devices lasting longer than others. Of course the difference in operating systems may mean that all content isn’t viewable by all students. Finally it means that students can still access social media and other distractions during class time.



1:1 means that everyone is on the same device. Schools can use the same curriculum and content throughout the entire ecosystem. 1:1 devices also provide for communication tools for students and teachers as well as collaboration tools that can be used across classes. Going 1 to 1 may also mean that maintenance and charging can happen in the school and that everyone will have an equally charged device. 1:1 devices usually have some kind of conduit for students to easily turn in work and get feedback, in some cases in close to real time.


1:1 is quite costly at any level. It also becomes an issue with IT departments who have to acquire, load and then distribute devices school and sometimes district wide. Of course it could also mean that students won’t take as good care of a school owned device and they may break or even suffer more than normal wear and tear.

The great folks at Securedge Networks compiled this thorough infographic that weighs the pro’s and cons of both BYOD and 1:1 in today’s modern classroom.