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As we are gearing up to head to the TECA Tots and Technology Conference, we have had the opportunity to speak with several exhibitors. Among these exhibitor companies is Data Frontline. Data Frontline offers a powerful cloud solution to school administrators. We had the opportunity to ask the Data Frontline Team a bit about their offerings, and how schools are using their software:

Data Frontline

What is Data Frontline?

Data Frontline is a software product development company based in Houston, TX. We offer several products to the marketplace most notably EDU. The EDU product is a secure, private cloud-based application that addresses the needs of schools as it relates to administration. EDU contains functionality geared towards Faculty, Students, and Parents that makes it easier to manage the day-to-day operations of a successful school – on a per student, subscription basis.

So who is using EDU?

Our software product is presented to school administrators, trustees and others involved in the operations of a school. Our belief is that EDU presents a viable option to our audience with a price point, feature set, and ability to deliver that makes an excellent value proposition. Feature-by-feature our product offers functionality available only in very expensive, difficult to implement in-house products that takes a large staff to operate. Our solution, based in a secure cloud, is ready to configure quickly and have a school up and running in a fraction of the time. EDU scales to the school size making it very cost effective over licensing models where licenses sit on a shelf and are wasted.

What makes your product different than what is currently available?

There are two distinct advantages that EDU offers: Cloud-based, and pricing model. Because the solution is cloud-based, and not just “in the cloud” but a true “private cloud” where the data is safe and secure. There is a secure, encrypted link between the school and our servers. Our servers are kept in a a Class 1, hardened data center with multiple failover points for data, fire protection, HVAC, and security. Our servers also fail over to a secondary data center located in a separate power grid, and city center, should the primary data center be down for any reason outside the multiple scenarios allotted for. Our per-student, subscription pricing allows for costs to be managed on an annual basis based on student enrollment.

Tell us about your team and their backgrounds

Charles “Charlie” Pomeroy is the CEO of Data Frontline. David Heath is the Director, Operations and joins Data Frontline from American Express. Joe Nieto, Director of Sales and Marketing, joins Data Frontline from companies such as HP, CGI and Deloitte.

What is the next step? What do your current goals look like?

EDU is currently is use in several schools. The goal of Data Frontline is to grow the subscription base and continue the evolution of the product based on a product roadmap and the continual feedback from our customers. We are also evaluating different strategies to enhance the user experience including enhanced mobile device support, additional languages, and introduction of SMART Advocate (a condition-based intelligent system for parent/teacher/student relations).