powerup-30One of the most exciting app controlled toys we’ve seen so far is the PowerUp 3.0 smart phone controlled paper airplane. The device attaches to a paper airplane that you create and then you can fly your paper airplane around the room controlling it with your phone.

We first reported on the Powerup 3.0 back in December. That was when we learned it would be one of the final Kickstarter projects of 2013 to just knock it out of the ballpark. They ended up raising $1.2 million of their $50,000 goal.

The Powerup 3.0 allows users to create a paper airplane, connect the module to it and then go. The module is good for 10 minutes of continuous flying and can be flown from as far away as 180 feet adding real lift and flight to paper airplanes that are routinely good for 20-30 feet.

Shai Goitein is the former Israeli Airforce pilot who told Business Insider he created the Powerup 3.0 on a dare. Friends had challenged him to build a remote controlled paper airplane.

Powerup has 20,000 units coming out of production now that will immediately be shipped to the kickstarter backers. Venturebeat reports that they plan on selling the unit at retail for a suggested retail price of $49.99 later this summer. Brookstone has reportedly shown interest in the product.

Many people who’ve seen the PowerUp 3.0 in action are excited by the fact that it won’t wear as fast as other toy drones. Users create their own plane with Powerup 3.0 and can change the plane as often as they would like.

PowerUp is reportedly working on other software modes that will make it even more exciting to fly. One mode is a “dogfight” mode. When one PowerUp module notices another PowerUp module nearby it will shut the other plane down causing it to fall to it’s death as if being shot down.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given it’s blessing to PowerUp stating that it’s a toy and people should go out and have fun with it.

We’ll keep you posted as to when it launches at retail. For now enjoy this video: