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Fablevision-logoAs Fablevision enters graduation age, they’ve seen a lot of changes in the classroom and specifically technology in the classroom. Common core standards, reading, writing and arithmetic, and standardized testing are all an important part of a students education, but the backbone of a well rounded student at the 4 c’s. And since 1996, Fablevision hasn’t strayed from that mission.

Gearing up for their 12th International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference, starting Sunday in Atlanta, Fablevision continues on their 200 year mission to develop, discover, and share creative learning tools that help educators and students move their lives – and their world- to a better place.

Fablevision has been driving the 4c’s (plus 1) creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and compassion since it’s founding by creativity champion Peter Reynolds a New York Times best selling author.  Peter’s books The Dot, Ish, Rose’s Garden, I’m Here, So Few of Me, The North Star and Sky Color inspire children and “grown up children” with his messages about authentic learning, creativity, bravery, empathy, and courageous self-expression.

They’re widely known products are a hit among students in grades K-5. One of the key’s to their success has been immersing themselves in their products and audience. Part of this is achieved by being co-located in Boston with the Boston Children’s Museum on Children’s Warf in a building now known as the Yakey Center for Children and Learning. This collaborative environment with some of Boston’s most well known educational companies, allows for deep creativity for the company.

While they built themselves on media like books, videos and other educational programming, they’ve also stayed on the forefront of educational technology, riding the wave and adapting with the newest delivery methods. That’s the key to success for companies that have been in the educational technology industry as long as they have.

With that in mind Fablevision is excited about their latest software Fab@School Designer which brings 2D and 3D creation to teachers in an easy to use online subscription format.

Teachers, administrators and educators attending ISTE June 29-July 1st can visit Fablevision at booth 3114 and find out more here at Fablevision.com