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Arguably the most important skill for young children to learn is reading. Needless to say, this is a difficult task. It takes hours and hours to learn to read. We just came across a company that has built a platform that helps PreK- 2nd Grade children learn to read: Smarty Ants. We had a chance to ask the Smarty Ants Team a few questions about their product and approach:

Smarty Ants

What is Smarty Ants?

Smarty Ants Reading World provides real-time individualized and adaptive reading instruction for PreK- 2nd grade learners. Educators access detailed reports from an innovative dashboard and implement supplementary material for blended learning opportunities. The program is Common Core and state standard aligned, and available with primary language support.

Who is Smarty Ants for?

We focus our program on PreK-2nd grade learners throughout school districts in North America. Smarty Ants Reading World provides a multi-pronged approach towards educational achievement with focus on preparing educators to meet the needs of 21st century learners including English Language Learners, struggling learners, and students in Special Education.

What makes your product different than what is currently available?

1. Research-based, systematic instruction in the six essential pillars of reading
2. Real-time adaptive technology provides scaffolded instruction and differentiated learning experiences for each student
3. Use of authentic literature and nonfiction chapter books give student the opportunity to immediately use their newly acquired reading skills
4. State of the Art technology uses data about students’ learning temperament to ensure they remain in their zone of proximal development at all times
5. Embedded ongoing assessments that provide instructional insight
6. Comprehensive reporting for individual students, student groups and classes
7. FREE at-home access to extend learning and involve families in reading growth

Why did you get involved in the Ed-Tech space?

Smarty Ants has been involved in the Ed-Tech space since the beginning of Smarty Ants Reading World. Our online early literacy program is 100% web-based in a growing ed-tech industry.

Tell us about your team and their backgrounds

Smarty Ants Reading World was created through a collaboration between Mike Wood, founder of Leapfrog Educational Programs and a world-renowned educational advisory board: Dr. David Pearson, Dr. Robert Calfee and Dr. Mia Callahan.

What is the next step? What do your current goals look like?

To expand our program into other countries around the world, complete an APP for the Android and continue to provide an awesome online early program to students and teachers.