TCEA-Tots-HeaderTCEA, the Texas Computer Education Association is one of the largest state wide edtech organizations in the country. Their annual conference in the spring brings educators from all over the country and the world to show off the latest in educational technology and teach teachers the benefits of how to use it and more. Flipped classrooms, project based learning, curriculum management and even common core are all themes that most American educators are sorting out right now.  The size and content of the annual big TCEA conference nearly rivals that of the ISTE conference coming up in Atlanta which is the largest edtech conference in the world.

In addition to the annual conference TCEA holds several more intimate conferences during the year that have a tighter focus and more specialized audience. This year’s TCEA summer conference is Tots And Technology.

The three day conference kicks off in Galveston Texas on Sunday afternoon and is aimed at teachers, administrators and educational IT professionals that work with students from Pre-K through 5th grade.

TCEA’s Tots And Technology conference offers over 100 different sessions focusing in on things like iPads and iDevices in the classroom, BYOD, creating content and media, using technology to improve literacy and a much more. There is a list of the sessions here. 

The event features a variety of speakers from across Texas and the surrounding area. Some of the highlighted speakers include Janet Corder of J2 consulting. Her consultancy, with partner Joan Gore (the other J) have been selected as one of ISTE’s Best of The Best. iBook author Alexis Carroll Cline will be sharing her experiences with publishing iBooks. Bruce Ellis the Senior Director of Professional Development for TCEA will lend his hand in a variety of sessions centered around devices used in the classroom. You can see a complete list of speakers here. 

It’s sure to be a great event, we’ll be on the ground covering TCEA Tots & Tech as the kick off to our Summer School 2014. You can find more Tots & Tech coverage here. If you’re an EdTech company looking for maximum exposure during the summer school conference season, including ISTE click here.