There has not been an advancement in email in some time. The big guys keep adding features, but none seem to be anything more than a novelty. That said, we just came across a pretty unique email service: Kneto. Kneto provides a huge amount of analytics on the normal open and click through rates, but also provides some more benefits. We had a chance to ask the team a bit about the product:


What is Kneto?

Kneto works just like webmail. But we provide reporting not only email opens, but page by page metrics on attached files.

Kneto highlights opportunities and removes wasted time in sales with email analytics based on realtime interactive sales algorithms.

With realtime follow up signals your chance to a meaningful conversation is 7x higher.

Our target audience are sales people in growth hungry modern SME:s who need more tactical information on prospects before picking up the phone.

Our goal is to be the leading provider of automated sales analytics for closing deals in direct sales.

We provide a drop dead simple way for email senders to get page level tracking metrics on PDF files. There is no preparation or modification needed for the attachment and you don’t have to upload the PDF to a service before sending the email.

In the next round of development we will allow for additional file types. IE: Video, Word, PPT and plugins for Imail, Gmail and Outlook.


Spending time getting someone on the phone to ask ‘Did you look at the offer’ is a waste. We can fix this and give the sales person tactical information on how to start the call.

We are considered to be pioneer’s in mail attachment tracking. Our solution is used by paying customers and we are engaged in research with Aalto University regarding Interactive sales algorithms and weak signals in sales. With our tools, sales will save time, be happier and close more.

What there an “ah ha” moment?:

We started on this path with an LMS product and spent a lot of time sending out offers an proposals with email and having no idea who was really interested and who was asking for an offer to be nice, or for comparison. One day we decided to try sending out a batch of offers with our LMS. It was awkward, took a while to prepare the messages and groups of people. The results were eye opening. Now we knew exactly who was really interested. At that point we started on our current product, dropped the LMS and have focused on making sending the messages really easy and extracting the weak signals in prospects actions with your message.

Tell us a little bit about the founders

Christian is an entrepreneur and a problem solver. The speed and complexity of the hotel industry caught his attention and got him into hotel management where he excelled at building both great hotels and great teams. The hospitality industry has the best defined and easiest to understand need proposition by providing basic needs for man; food, shelter and drink. This does not make a hotel easier to sell than any other line of business and that is why he has always looked for ways to do sales more effectively and cleverly than the week before.

Andrew is a pioneer with web based services. He has done everything, from designing basic web pages to N-tier systems and managing groups of people and groups of departments. With all this experience in his pocket he is a most focused and goal oriented person for designing a web tool and managing a team of talented engineers to complete it.

What’s the next step?

We are working on a hand full of awesome new features, that will make Kneto even more powerful and easy to use, but our main focus right now is getting the word out and showing sales people how much Kneto can improve their closing rate.

Anything else you want to leave us with?

Our offering is in a new area of sales automation with only a handful of players and places us technically ahead of our competition giving our customers a more mature product. We are a motivated team who needs funds to take Kneto viral, and capturing those customers our competition already has leveled the road for.