Evanced games

We had a chance to speak to Evanced Games at SXSWEdu. Evanced Games is the company behind Wandoo Planet, who we also spoke to at SXSW. Beyond showcasing Wandoo Planet, Evanced Games was at the conference to show off their four other education games.

Champs of Numeria


Champs of Numeria is a multiplayer Connect Four style game that utilizes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division knowledge. “From basic counting to difficult division, customizable difficulty levels empower kids four and up to compete with the computer, each other, and adults on a level playing field.”1

Froggy Phonics

Froggy Phonics

Froggy Phonics is game that is aimed at helping children develop strong literacy skills. The game is aimed at early childhood education (ages 4-8) and features over 900 different words for students to discover.

Using prefix and suffix clues, early readers help Froggy on his quest while improving their overall literacy skills! Featuring beautifully illustrated environments, and a dazzling original soundtrack, Froggy Phonics will stimulate and encourage students in kindergarten through second grade. Reading has never been so enjoyable, so hop till you drop, and find all the missing words!2

That’s Baloney!

Thats Baloney

That’s Baloney is a quiz/trivia game for, “grades 2 through 6 and five compelling categories – language arts, math, science, social studies, and mystery meat.”3 The game is based on true/false statements, which the users must either call true, or call “That?s Baloney!” The game features nearly 2,500 different T/F statements.

That’s Baloney! is based on the bestselling Edupress™ card game that has been entertaining students, teachers, and parents for years. The hundreds of statements are presented in an enjoyable, interactive way, as well as calibrate with common core and state educational standards. Any way you slice it, That’s Baloney! is hours of fun.4

Tic-Tac Bananas


Tic-Tac Bananas employs letter patterns, decoding skills, and word recognition into a unique take on the traditional Tic-Tac-Toe game. The main focus of this game is developing literacy skills. Tic-Tac Bananas was built for students aged 4-8.

We had a chance to hear more about these games, and some of Evanced Games’ plans for the future during SXSWEdu last week: