breastfeeding-facebookThe roar of a movement is starting to happen pertaining to breast feeding in public places. Many people seem to be put off by the notion of a woman breastfeeding her baby in a public place, feeling that it’s obscene or inappropriate for children to view. The other side of the argument, or the movement, is that breast feeding mothers shouldn’t be relegated to feeding their child in a disgusting bathroom stall. You wouldn’t go eat your steak in the bathroom stall would you?

Breast feeding is a fact of nature and actually has a lot of benefits over using store bought formula, but obviously Techfaster isn’t a place for that discussion.

But what about breast feeding photos on social networks?

Engadget reports that up until recently photos of breast feeding mothers ran the risk of being censored out of Facebook feeds if reported as obscene. These photos were treated the same way other photos of nudity were treated, someone would flag it and the photo would be removed.

Facebook has now changed this policy. In most instances breast feeding baby photos are cute or in some cases beautiful, again it’s a part of nature. It was hard to understand why Facebook allowed scantily clad, more revealing photos of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber but wouldn’t allow the photo of a hard working mother quietly breastfeeding her child.

In many cases pictures of breast feeding were in conjunction with stories in the breast feeding debate or even artistic photography with no inappropriate intent.

The Huffington Post UK noticed the change in Facebook policy two weeks ago. Photos of breast feeding are no longer being censored.

A Facebook spokesperson told Engadget: “[It’s] natural and beautiful and we know that it’s important for mothers to share their experiences with others on Facebook,” he said in a statement. And the ones that contain nudity? “It is very hard to consistently make the right call on every photo that may or may not contain nudity that is reported to us,” he said, “particularly when there are billions of photos and pieces of content being shared on Facebook everyday, and that has sometimes resulted in content being removed mistakenly.”

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