pikanote-1There are many great note taking apps out there. Evernote tops the list as one of the most popular. However, Evernote can be cumbersome at times and overbearing to new users. What if those users are kids or students. They need a note taking app that’s easy to understand but keeps up with their work flow.

That’s the idea behind Pikanote.

Pikanote knows that most note taking students take their notes in Microsoft Word, share them on Facbeook or Google+ and then have a school platform to keep up with as well. Taking notes on an internal note taking tool like the one that OSX offers can be hard to keep organized. Evernote is the same way.

Pikanote keeps things simple by emphasizing the seven. most important things for note takers; tools, organize, repeat, socialize, help, share, and backup.

The development team at Pikanote have even included easy to use tools to draw pictures, graphs and charts right into your notes. Also Pikanote knows when you’re trying to add a formula to your notes and helps keep that formula formatted correctly. The app also allows users to take notes with handwriting or using a pop up keyboard, whichever is easiest for the user and the input method can be easily changed on the fly.

Why is Pikanote so intuitive? That could because the creators Jeremy and Philemon have been friends since they were five. They’re both twenty somethings now, and they both had the same pains in trying to figure out the best way to take notes.

So what about that storage.

When crowdfunding an app one of the hardest things to figure out is the rewards. Even the best most robust apps in the world, typically don’t cost more than $9.99 and how many virtual handshakes and high fives can one project backer receive.

So after a long brainstorming session amongst the Pikanote team they decided to give away cloud storage space. The best part is this cloud storage space is for life and the rates are better than the competitors.

All the prices are in euros but the storage space is open to any backer worldwide.

€5 = 5gb
€10 = 15gb
€25 = 60gb
€50 = 300gb
€100= 2Tb
€200 = 5Tb

Keep in mind the Pikanote team says that this space is the backers for life so it comes in much cheaper than some of the alternatives out there.

The team has also posted a referral bonus contest with prizes that include a Macbook Air, iPad Air, and a GoPro Hero camera. Check those out here. 

Pikanote is hoping to raise €120,000 for development and support of their app. It looks like this app will be a force in the note taking space if they can hit their goal and get it funded. See them on Indiegogo here.