eduprotectstepsImagine knowing if you ever found yourself in any unsafe situation that help was just a click of a button away. Even if you live in one of the safest areas in the world, there’s always that one chance something could go badly and if it does, and you have EduProtect you’re protected.

eduprotect-indiegogoEduProtect is a device for anyone, not just students. It was inspired by a White House task force that said one in five women are sexually assaulted in college. That’s when Chicago based entrepreneur Joe Parisi went to work on designing a device that people could take with them and activate in a moments notice, without being easily spotted by an assailant.

EduProtect is a panic button device that with just the click of the button notifies authorities with your exact GPS location.

The team behind EduProtect likened it to a college student’s personal call box. Call boxes are on campuses everywhere with beacon lights on top that quickly notify campus security, but we unfortunately know how ineffective this can be especially if you’re being chased by an assailant.

Eduprotect-1EduProtect is the perfect way to protect any college student. But Parisi and the EduProtect team knew there was more.

EduProtect is perfect for anyone; kids, teenagers, travelers, people on business trips in strange cities and more. Trouble has an incredible way of finding people at the worst time.

The other thing the company started to see was that EduProtect can be an important safety device for someone with a chronic medical condition. Imagine you’re out enjoying a day at the local park, you’re allergic to bees and get stung. You can hit the EduProtect button, notify authorities and either administer your epi-pen or begin to seek one out. The same is true for diabetics who start feeling really bad. Maybe you’re starting to feel like something’s wrong out in the heat.

With EduProtect help is literally a button push away. No need to take out a phone and dial 911 and hope you can explain your location to someone.

EduProtect is raising $20,000 to fund their initial production run and get this extremely important, and easy to use safety device into the hands of people everywhere. You can back them on Indiegogo here.