TheOSmartBall-medThere are a lot of great edtech toys out there, especially this time of year. The Techfaster team is in the midst of Summer School and we’ve been to just about all of the exciting edtech conferences across the country. Robotic kits, programmable devices and even interactive tables have been on the top of our 6 year old correspondent Tatum’s wish list, but nothing has compared to TheO Smart Ball.

Available for just $39.95 from TheO SmartBall combines actual physical activity with apps in a fun and educational way. When we say physical activity we’re not talking about an interactive car or something where you still sit down and control an iPad game with a toy, we’re talking about true physical activity.

Physical Apps has created a catalog of games that work with TheO SmartBall. Everything from word games to math and even picture identification apps will have kids of all ages craving time with TheO SmartBall. There’s even a fun bowling game that two people can play that uses the sensors in the iPhone or iPod combined with the spherical ball for a more realistic bowling experience than playing on a Wii U.

How does it work:

  • Purchase TheO SmartBall from
  • Follow the simple instructions on how to install an iPhone or iPod touch into the ball which protects the device from breaking
  • Pick the apps from Physical Apps that you want to play
  • Have fun

Tatum sat down with the CEO of Physical Apps earlier this summer, and interviewed him, along with her stuffed toy. She’s got a full video review coming soon. Find out more at