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We just came across a pretty interesting new app. GetYou takes a lot of components and features that work in other applications and combines them into an oddly satisfying, game-like app. The whole concept of GetYou is based around what the founders call social feedback. Though it is disguised behind some fancy diction, social feedback is essentially what people think of you when looking at your picture. TechCrunch described the app as a sort of “Tinder-Meets-Secret-Meets-Flirting Game,” which is pretty spot on.1

GetYou App

Inside the app, users are presented with a set of tiles. Each tile is a different person. When you select a tile, you are prompted to answer a few generic questions about the person. While there are social components to GetYou – friending and messaging for example – it seems the true value of the app lies in this feedback. The app provides you with real feedback on your own appearance. Rather than the usual filth-laden comments or a simple like, you get real, usable information.

The app presents a member’s picture, upon which a user answers a series of fun questions, such as, “How old do you think he is?” or “Do you think she is a DJ or brain surgeon?” Results are analyzed and presented, allowing the displayed member to discover people’s perceptions of his or her personality traits, occupation, age and other criteria.2

The whole goal of the app, according to the founder and CEO, Dr. Orit Mossinson, is to fight negative first impressions and stereotypes:

To date, the only feedback mechanism on the social web is through public comments and likes. GetYou presents a new semi-anonymous platform that will enable our community to give and receive, both by helping us see how others may falsely judge us, as well as showing us how we too can jump to misinformed conclusions. GetYou wants to make the world a better place by fixing the judgmental, wrong first impression crisis in a fun way. We are all guilty of making assumptions about people, based on first impressions. This crisis of false judgment is exactly what we are going to fix with our engaging, interactive game, the first application of our social feedback technology3

GetYou has some serious social research implications, and could lead to a better understanding about first impressions. Also, you could probably find a hookup through the app.

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