Flipqquiz-logoGetting students engaged in learning can be tricky. Often times the easiest way to reach students is by making the curriculum fun, and game shows have often been a part of that. The problem many educators were facing is the fact that a lot of the software available to turn lessons into interactive games was either too expensive or required too many outside working parts.

Enter FlipQuiz.

FlipQuiz was developed by Marcus Burnette, an Orlando based web designer who’s been designing websites for local and regional small to medium sized businesses for the past decade. Burnette told Techfaster that he originally designed FlipQuiz as a tool for his wife who is an English teacher. After the kinks had been worked out Burnette decided to open FlipQuiz up to the public so anyone can create a quiz style game show for free.

Burnette quickly found that a lot of teachers were signing up for FlipQuiz to create curriculum based game shows across multiple topics. Burnette has seen signups from as far away as Japan, The UK and even Australia, and of course right here in the U.S.

flipquiz-screenshotWhile FlipQuiz has a Jeopardy feel to it, Burnette paid special attention to the user experience as he would with any of his paying clients. Burnette knew that with today’s digitally native students in the classroom FlipQuiz would have to have a slick presentation with the bells and whistles you would expect from a pricey piece of software.

Burnette also knew that teachers are on a limited budget, and even some of the smartest teachers weren’t as computer savvy as himself, or their students. That’s why in addition to having a great presentation mode, FlipQuiz is extremely easy to set up.

FlipQuiz includes an extremely easy to use creation tool and editor that gives teachers all the tools they need to set up their favorite game boards.

While Burnette originally developed FlipQuiz for his wife, he’s quick to point out that anyone can use it. DJ’s can use FlipQuiz to create trivia quiz game shows. Businesses can use FlipQuiz to create safety, policy and other quizzes, and even groups of friends can use FlipQuiz as a fun game to play based on their own personal trivia. It’s just that easy.

Anyone can sign up and start creating quizzes today at flipquiz.me