One Spark

One Spark 2014 is just days away! We are getting pretty pumped. As you have probably noticed, we have been profiling One Spark Creators over the past couple of weeks. So, as its Friday, we thought a #FF for One Spark Creators was appropriate.

Snap Prints logo

SNAPprints @SNAPprintsHERE

If you are hosting an event, SNAPprints allows you to “sign up on the website as the event host, write a short description, choose the maximum number of images someone can upload, set a time limit, and that’s it!”

VertiVerti Bluetooth item finder: @TheVertiApp

Verti is a tiny Bluetooth device helps you keep track of commonly misplaced items such as keys, wallets, purses and phones

Wazinit 1WaZINIT: @WaZINIT

WaZINIT is an application that helps users make better and more informed decisions about food. “WaZINIT will allow you to quickly scan products and compare ingredients against ANY of those you’re trying to avoid.”

Worldwide Multimedia ManagementWorldwide Multimedia Management: @WrldwdMltmdMng

There are countless sources and services that stream various media. However, these services do not stream what you already own. Worldwide Multimedia Management wants to be the location to store any and all of your media

WeVue IconWeVue: @Wevue

WeVue is a social media app that crowdsources pictures and videos at events and then turns that crowdcourced content into a movie called a WeVue!

Surfr appSurfr App: @surfrapp

Essentially, Surfr is Yelp for Surfing. It is a surf report, surf journal and social good platform. It allows you to chronicle your surfing adventures by logging surf sessions and checking spots.

ForgeThe Forge: @forgeJAX

FORGE is at the forefront of an emerging retail 3d printing store industry. The company “provides high tech 3D printing customizations in a simplified, mom-friendly environment.”

VinnyVinny: @Vinny_Says

Vinny is a free application that helps you to find the real value of a used car. Just scan the vehicles VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) barcode, or entering the VIN number, adjust the condition of the vehicle (mileage and wear) and the app gives you the “Vinny Price.”

ArtstarterLogoArt Starter: @TheArtStarter

ArtStarter is bringing crowdfunding to artists from the viewpoint of the artist. ArtStarter was built with the unique needs of artists in mind.

plexr logoPlexr: @TeamPlexr

When a user shares content via Plexr, the receiving parties’ reaction is captured as they view the content. A reaction video is generated for both users to then view and enjoy.

OnePressWebOnePressWeb: @onepressweb

OnePress automates the sales and marketing loop for small businesses via the web. This allows them to efficiently increase sales without hiring a sales team and frees up their time to worry about improving their business.

immersedImmersed Games: @ImmersedGames

One of the more interesting projects that we had a chance to check out at last years inaugural One Spark was Immersed Games. The company is in the process of building a huge educational MMORPG. Think World of Warcraft or Ultima Online for education.

SwitchTick-1SwitchTick: @switchtick

Florida based SwitchTick is hoping to become the app for bartering your stuff. They’ve simplified the process into six easy steps: register, create your SwitchTick listing, publish it, find what you want and switch it. They are also hoping to make the experience more social and that people who use the platform to switch their used stuff become friends.

FiveFiftyFive & Fifty: @fiveandfifty

Five and Fifty allows businesses to send instant discounts straight to your phone. Instant deals via SMS.

Hi fiHI-FI Social Network: @livelifeinhifi

The Hi-Fi Social Network is a next-generation social network that Contextualizes, Socializes and Monetizes the #hashtag language.

twowayresumeTwo Way Resume: @TwoWayResume

TwoWay Resume is an advanced, customizable online resume. It allows its users to achieve a professional appearance online with your own custom web address.

pocketpromoterThe Pocket Promoter: @PocketPromoter

The Pocket Promoter brings the bar & nightclub industry into the 21st century with an innovative software that allows clubs to manage guest lists and reservations from any PC or mobile device.


Muber1Muber: @themuber

Muber just recently launched their new and exciting platform that matches people who want things from far away to travelers going to those places. It could be anything from a pair of shoes in Holland to a hat like Pharell’s from Los Angeles.

pushstartsocialPush Start Social: @5ivecanons – The Company behind Push Start Social

Push Start Social is a small business platform for growing and engaging customers in social media. Monitor your channels, publish facebook applications and schedule status updates with the push of a button.


Perhaps the best description of LINEVENT is that it is more-or-less a Groupon type platform for events. This seems like a great way to raise awareness, and market an event on the cheap.

NerdularNerdular: @nerdulardotcom

At last years One Spark, we had a chance to speak with the Nerdular Crew. They have built a really unique “Social Marketplace for geeks, fanboys, fangirlsl & creatives.”