FragglesOk, I must admit, I am probably more excited about the new Fraggle Rock Music Maker app than my six year old daughter, but there’s hope for her yet.

If you’re a child of the 80’s, chances are, Gobo,Red, Wembley, Uncle Matt and the Dozers were a way of life for you. A walk through Spencer’s at your local mall recently has probably brought you to a euphoric state of nostalgia over th e many Fraggle Rock licensed products grazing their shelves. I know that I picked up a Fraggle Rock blanket in the midst of Christmas shopping last year.

Now, the Fraggle’s have made it to the mobile screen. Appsplayground reports that the new Fraggle Rock Music Maker App allows kids (and adults too) to make music using their favorite Fraggle.

Fraggle-screenThe app teaches children sequencing of music and is inspired by the Fraggle’s love of making music. Features include:

-5 different interactive activities
– Play the drums with Wembley
-Jam out with the Fraggles
-Visit Gobo’s music room to play different instruments
-Run with Red and collect musical notes
-Create your own music!


The Fraggle Rock Music Maker App features a section that conveniently locates all of the other great Fraggle apps for you. Other Fraggle apps include “Fraggle Rock Game Day”, “Fraggle Friends Forever Puzzle & Play”, “Fraggle Friends Forever” and an assortment of Fraggle inspired e-books.

You can download Fraggle Rock Music Maker App here.

And since I know you’ve been singing it the entire time you were reading this story, here ya go: