A few days ago, we told you all about the new Samsung Galaxy S5. However, if you are just a casual observer, that article wont do you much good – aside from the pictures. However, Samsung just released an infographic that details how the Galaxy S has changed through the 5 iterations. Take a look, and notice the specs of the new S5 in particular. This new device is pretty remarkable for several reasons that we’ll get to after the jump:

Galaxy S5 Infographic

This is a pretty general look at the phone, but there are some major features and functions that were left off of the graphic. One of the more unique features is the ‘Ultra Power-Saving Mode.’ here is what we wrote a few days ago:

This power saving mode allows users to shut down all apps and features except for sms and the phone. The mode also switches the display to black and white. All-in-all, the ‘Ultra Power Saving Mode’ allows a user to extend 10% battery up to 24 hours by eliminating battery draining services and applications.

The graphic also didn’t mention Samsung’s new health and fitness push. Again, here is what we wrote about the fitness features:

The S5 has a built in heart rate sensor – the first smartphone to do so. The device also features a new application, S Health. While it seems that S Health works best when paired with one of the new Galaxy Gear devices, it has some powerful functionality on its own. It has powerful monitoring and tracking functionality; workout coaching; and many other health/fitness features.

There is certainly an awful lot to be excited about. The new Galaxy S5 looks to be a remarkable device.

Samsung also released a hands-on walk through video that shows you all the ins and outs of the new device: