We have covered a ton of awesome crowdfunding projects over the past couple years. Most are pretty tame. That is to say that most provide an update to an existing product, or provide a more efficient way to do something. However, there is a rare breed of projects that are completely revolutionary in scope and design. We may have just found one such project: GiftAir.

GiftAir a

GiftAir is a small device that can make a big difference in children’s health. Through the use of air-ion technology, the portable device silently creates clean air for those within a 22-inch diameter and up to a 37-inch diameter when mounted to a baby stroller…The palm-sized device was developed to provide people with an air purifier that protects against outdoor air pollution. Children are more susceptible to chronic diseases from the accumulation of toxic substances over a period of time. Between birth and three years of age is the most crucial developmental stage in life. GiftAir was created to protect these little ones’ health during this growth stage. It’s usefulness is not limited to just children. It may be used by the elderly or any person with or without a compromised immune system. 1

GiftAir in use

The device itself is solar powered, and can be charged with interior or exterior lighting. Further, a full charge can power the battery for up to 16 days. Overall, this is an incredible device that can have a major impact in world health. You can pre-order a GiftAir device for $111 on their Indiegogo Campaign. Here is a good look at the development and use of the GiftAir:

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