Plinth-up1When Brian first saw Plinth on Kickstarter he thought it was a great idea. He checked it out even further and started writing about it. The first thing that caught his eye was the small, lightweight form factor. He also noticed how quick and easy it was to set up. “It’s like a switchblade tablet stand” he told us in an editorial roundup a few weeks back.

Then he found out that you can use Plinth as an office promotional, a great break from stress balls, koozies and mouse pads. What office wouldn’t want all of their mobile work force using a stand that proudly showed off their company logo?

But it wasn’t until a Plinth prototype arrived in our office that I actually got to experience what Brian first saw.

Form Factor

First off the Plinth tablet stand is shorter than my iPhone 5s and thinner than the case I keep my phone in. Not to mention it weighs far less. Now that I’ve cut back on smoking, the Plinth fits nice and snug, with a little room to breathe, in my pocket with my phone.


Another thing that struck me was Plinth’s instantaneous setup. You just hold the button with your middle finger while you lightly hold the sides of the stand with your two outer fingers and instantly the Plinth’s legs expand and it’s ready for deployment.

The Plinth has five different angles that make working in a variety of conditions, or just relaxing and watching a movie, a pleasurable experience. Your tablet is always at the right level for site and typing, that’s just something you don’t find with other tablet stands on the market.

But perhaps one of the biggest points that I liked about the Plinth is that it holds just about any size tablet, even with a case on. So now I can keep my case on my tablet and maintain it’s protection, while using the Plinth to make it easier to work.

Take it anywhere and everywhere

With summer around the corner (dare I say that with half the country covered in snow), people are starting to wear shorts and Plinth easily fits into a shorts pocket or even a breast pocket on a polo or button down shirt.

The small footprint of the device means that you can set your tablet up anywhere you go. I’ve used it by the pool, in two meetings, at a coworking space and in a nice Asian restaurant after dinner. All the while getting curious looks at what exactly I’m using to hold my tablet.

That’s a Plinth, I’ve told several people already.

Plinth is wrapping up it’s crowdfunding campaign here at kickstarter, which means they’re going to start shipping really soon. John Bull, Plinth’s creator, has several great incentives and the Plinth costs just about $30 US dollars, including international shipping. But if you look down in the FAQ of the kickstarter page you’ll see that the more you order, the more you save.

With Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and graduation coming up, Plinth is simply a no brainer.

Check out the video below.