If you have ever lived with random roommates, or really any roommates, you know what a hassle chores and bills can be. Not so much actually doing the chores or paying the bills, but figuring out who does what chore and who pays what bills. There is a Kickstarter Campaign going right now that wants to end the confusion and awkwardness.

Harmoney 1

This is Harmoney. Harmoney is a new app that “allows roommates to efficiently organize chores, payments, and communication all in one place.”1 Where was this a few years ago? Anyhow, the app is incredibly useful, and full of features that facilitate the dreaded roommate interaction:

Harmoney is a mobile app that connects roommates, aimed to erase household problems and promote healthy smart living. Harmoney’s simple user interface includes four core tabs meant to regulate chores, payments, messages, and calendar. The simplicity of the app ensures that Harmoney is not another chore in and of itself, but rather a resource for showing gratitude and getting things done. The tool instantly splits transactions using synced debit cards or bank accounts, a free mobile to mobile banking service. It keeps track of who does what, and allows users to give or receive hearts for completing tasks and interacting with each other in healthy ways. Our basic version is free with limitations. Our Premium versions are low monthly costs with added features and lack of limits.2

Perhaps the best part about Harmoney lies in its lite set of features. It is not overwhelming, and facilitates the interactions that are most relevant to roommates. There are no built in polls or any such frivolous feature, just the necessities. There are a ton of rewards on the Kickstarter Campaign, but you can get a 2 Month premium subscription to the app for $10. Here is a look at the app in use: