ProjectWedge1As people have started to go totally mobile for their work, including their presentations, companies have been rushing to market with new projectors that will connect to your smartphone or tablet. Most of the projectors are the size of the palm of your hand or no bigger than an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4. While that may be ideal in some situations, the picture from these small projectors is usually both small and grainy.

A company out of Seattle called Project Wedge, has designed a totally different kind of projector for tablets.

The company takes it’s name from the odd wedge like shape of the projector itself, but once you get over the fact that a good projector for your tablet isn’t going to be the size of a deck of cards, you’ll embrace the concept behind the Project Wedge projector and then you’ll love the price. Oh, the price is just $157.

For the creators of Project Wedge it’s about more than just projection. Sure it will be great for business people to start adopting Project Wedge, but more importantly Robb Anthony, the inventor and CEO of Project Wedge sees families and friends who would normally gather around a tablet to see pictures and home movies, can now use the Project Wedge to throw up these memories along a wall.

“We all see the asocial behavior that results from our love of our tablet devices. Project Wedge offers reconciliation between social interaction and tablets.” Anthony told us in an interview.

This is the 16th startup, project or invention that Anthony is worked on and for him it’s a special one, “It’s always been more than just a product for me. I’ve lead 16 startups prior to Project Wedge. This company is so infinitely important because I believe that despite being in an increasingly technologically connected world, we seem to be getting increasingly more disconnected. I want to change that. Project Wedge is the actualization of this desire. I bring my relentless tenacity, intense passion, volatile temper, and wealth of previous startup experience to bring Project Wedge to fruition.” he said.

The team behind Project Wedge have all worked with Anthony on previous companies before and seen the success. They all seem to share the same sentiment about Project Wedge that Anthony has.

“Being a long time friend of Project Wedge CEO, Robb Anthony, and occasional adviser on his ventures, I was intently interested in what his new enterprise was all about. When I discovered how the Wedge was truly about bringing people together rather than keeping them apart, I knew that I needed to get involved. As Chief Operating Officer, I get an inside look at the tenacious efforts of our small team and I could not be happier!” co-founder Ben Walker told

The company is doing their own crowdfunding on this page, hoping to raise $50,000 in preorders to get the Project Wedge into production. Find out more here.