Yesterday, we told you about some Easter-themed apps, today we went in a completely different direction. We decided to share some cannabis-themed iOS apps in honor or 4/20. I really had no idea how many cannabis/weed/pot/dope iOS apps there were. There are tons. Of all the cannabis iOS apps we looked at, here are the top 5:

Grasscity Community

Grass City

Grasscity is your one stop for all things weed related: growing tips, legalization arguments, the history of cannabis, and anything else you could ever want to know. Grasscity is a massive online forum, with more than 15 million posts. The Grasscity Community app is just a simple client to access these forums.

Leafly Marijuana Strain and Dispensary Reviews


Leafly is one of the most comprehensive cannabis resources available. Here is the app store description:

Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource. Our easy-to-use app acts as a handy, portable guide to learning about over 600 marijuana strains, tinctures, topicals, concentrates, and edibles…Pick up your strain of choice at a dispensary nearby or use the Finder to look up a business that suits you. Browse dispensary menus, read user reviews, and receive daily notifications from your favorite medical marijuana dispensaries and marijuana retail stores.

Dope indeed.



Weedmaps may not be as all-encompassing as Leafly, it does a better job at a fewer number of things. It has a more exhaustive map than Leafly, and also includes daily deals from your favorite dispensaries. On top of that, the UI is incredibly clean and easy to use. However, they have a copywriter who is a cliche master:

Weedmaps is the first and most reliable weed-finding App of its kind (with no seeds, stems, or bugs!) with the most dispensaries and strains on this budding planet.1

Weed Cookbook  $.99

Weed Cookbook

The Weed Cookbook app is the app for tons of edible recipes. The app contains, “Over 45 of the most delicious marijuana edible recipes to satisfy your cravings! Time tested and approved by cannabis cooks and marijuana experts!”

Marijuana Handbook Lite

Dope Handbook

The Marijuana Handbook is a massive resource, full of content, resources, and information for cannabis users. The app contains a ‘Strain Library’ with the ability to tag your favorite strains; ‘The Facts’ a section full of history and medical facts concerning cannabis; ‘Cookbook’ with a few recipes; ‘Maps’ with some dispensaries; ‘Dictionary’ giving you the low down on all the cannabis slang and terms.

I really had no idea how many different cannabis apps there were. Of all the ones that we looked at, these 5 were by far the best out there. What did we miss?