Ever wanted to feel that your home was more secure, know when your baby was up, or when your kids get home from school when you’re not around? Want to get view a video of what just happened without paying a monthly recording fee? If any of these things sound appealing to you, a Izon camera may be something that you are interested in. And it could solve many of the issues that an alarm system can’t do at a much lower cost while giving you the advantage of sight.


The Izon View camera video monitor with night vision is a camera that instantly streams high quality video over your home wifi network to any mobile device or computer. I had no problems with the stream over the two weeks that I have been using the review unit and regularly got notifications whenever one of my family members would walk into the area the Izon was monitoring.


The device is decently small and can easily go unassuming on a bookshelf or on top of a cabinet and will send you a notification if it sees anything while you are gone. Placed near a front window or door, it helped to see when someone was at the door or pulling up to the house.


The camera is very versatile with dozens of uses from keeping an eye on your children or pets to monitoring your home while you’re gone. The night vision setting is fairly grainy but still made it possible to see what was going on; faces were still very distinguishable.


Once setup, the Izon app is easy to use. It took a few tries to pair my device with the Izon view as the camera had to read a QR code the app generated on my phone, but after a couple minutes and a couple tries, everything was working properly.


The price point on the Izon View is $100 and comes in black or white. It’s less expensive than Dropcam or other remote viewable cameras, and includes most of the same features. Like Dropcam, the Izon will send you notifications if it detects movement or hears sound; unlike Dropcam the View has adjustable threshold settings for notifications. The thresholds can some tinkering to get right for your environment. One big benefit: The Izon View includes 100 stored free recordings and 25 free recorded events per day with no monthly fees.

I would recommend the camera for anyone who has children or who wants to keep an eye on a certain part of the house. Although this system is not meant to replace your home security system, it is definitely another line in defense against burglary. Izon has done a good job crafting this camera into a security and safety essential that paired with a home security system could make you much more secure about the well being of your home.