LateNiteLabsWhile we were at ISTE in Atlanta earlier this month, we saw a ton of great EdTech companies and products. However, as good as many of the products were, they all dealt almost exclusively with K-12. We only came across a few higher-ed companies. One such company really stood out: Late Nite Labs. Late Nite Labs is, essentially, a virtual science laboratory. The company likens their software to a flight simulator for science:

Like a flight simulator for science, Late Nite Labs recreates a traditional lab environment accessed right from your computer. Used by universities and colleges for on-campus and online programs, our labs let students explore in a safe, interactive environment anytime, anywhere. Each experiment module comes equipped with all the instruments materials, and texts for each course–all for less than the price of a textbook–so that you can provide sophisticated learning experiences while preserving resources. And with everything accessed right from a browser, students and educators can work based on their own schedules.1

When I was in school, everyone was required to take at least one or two science classes and the corresponding labs. I am not complaining about the requirement at all. However, the lab teachers – often just 3 or 4 of the lower ranking faculty members – seemed incredibly overworked. This is where Late Nite Labs comes in. Not only does the startup offer a great simulation platform, but their tools make it super easy for the instructors to keep up with the class.

We had a chance to speak with the Late Nite Labs Team at ISTE. We learned a bit more about the company:

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