In what is the latest entry in what is becoming a sort of TV arms race, LG is set to unveil an 8K television at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. Over the past few CES conferences, 4K was the hot ticket in TVs. Now, LG is looking to become the resolution leader with an 8K television. According to CNET, the 160 ppi, 55-inch 8K TV has a remarkable spec sheet:

The 55-inch 8K display bears a resolution of 7,680×4,320 pixels (that’s 33.2 million pixels total), with over 20 display driver integrated circuits installed. A prototype was made in early November, while LG earlier this month decided to unveil the display at the upcoming CES.

LG ramped up the brightness of the Mabinogion to 500 nits using a new method of controlling the aperture ratio. “Unlike conventional displays that use RGB sub-pixels, LG added a W sub-pixel to increase the brightness,” one of the sources said.1

What’s more, there is currently no video sources that even come close to supporting an 8K resolution. Thus, LG has had to render their own, using, “unnamed high-quality Nvidia GPU during development.”2 With an eye on the future, an unnamed LG contact noted that if a commercial opportunity emerges, LG will mass produces these displays:

With the know-how acquired from making the prototype, if LG finds good grounds to commercialize the display for mass production, it will do so. LG has already finished up approving the technological viability of the 55-inch, 8K display, and is now starting preparation to commercialize it to make it a product.3

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