LocalTicketSalesWith just a little more than two weeks until the second annual OneSpark crowdfunding festival in Jacksonville Florida we’ve been taking a closer look at the creators and their creations that will be looking for over $3 million dollars in funding during the five day event.

James Sopchak, a small business owner in Jacksonville Florida is seeking $125, 000 to jumpstart his Local Ticket Sales idea that may actually end up doing local events right.

We’ve seen countless innovative new technology ideas over the last few years that have set out to be the event driving website and app. Most of them have been based on aggregating content from other sites. It was just assumed for a while that the best aggregator would win, but we’ve seen that’s not the case.

Sopchak is putting a new spin on the event website by offering what he hopes to be the best directory of local events across six categories, music, sports, theatre/arts, community, military/civic and schools/universities and churches. While these categories are nothing new Sopchak and Local Ticket Sales are going back to the drawing board and applying a real sales methodology to get businesses, event hosts, and people to post their events to the site.

Sopchak is hoping to hire actual sales people to go out and recruit businesses who at first won’t have to pay anything for their listing. There of course will be other paid listings and placement positions but the basic listing, at the moment, is free.

Now while this isn’t revolutionary, it hasn’t really been applied in this space before. Startups in the past have relied solely on the aggregator, hoping to create the best back end technology to serve up the best events.

By taking the algorithms out of the equation at the onset, Local Ticket Sales actually has the potential to offer better listings. Other event apps and websites that rely on the algorithms and aggregation typically pull from eventbrite, foursquare, public Facebook events and occasionally an inbound listing, but what about the events from organizers that aren’t online, yes you’re shocked these exist, but they do. What about the venue that has an amazing event lined up but forgets to hit that one gold mine of a digital listing and then doesn’t get crawled or put into the mix?

By having real people help him with execution, Local Ticket Sales, has an advantage over other sites, real people can look at multiple sources and even get word of mouth events up on the site.

Sopchak is starting in the immediate Jacksonville area with an aggressive plan to replicate that success across the country until the time that Local Ticket Sales becomes the goto place on the internet for events.

Founders of event startups don’t want to admit it but people looking for “what to do tonight” often find themselves checking out three or four apps, online forums, Facebook and other newspaper online calendars. Local Ticket Sales could finally be that one spot.

Check out their OneSpark creator profile here, and the site here.