LunchTable 1

LunchTableJust the other day, I was talking with one of my friends about group messaging. I know, fascinating topic of conversation. Anyhow, we reached the conclusion that was not really a good solution. The stock SMS apps of both Android and iOS are funky, and make it difficult to maintain long-standing group message rooms, leaving email as the best way to hold such conversations. However, we ran into a company at One Spark that might have solved the problem.

LunchTable supports small group SMS messaging, allowing users to share everything from text to music, to images, to video. It is really a pretty fascinating concept:

We’ve noticed, between infinite pages of friends talking about themselves and photographs asking you to “like” them, the internet can be an alienating place at times. So we try to put the inter- back in interwebs by having all interactions take place at “Tables”–or groups–where you’re surrounded by others. No matter what, you’ll be in a conversation from the start, and this is what makes real interactions happen.

Our concerns for privacy and anonymity also contributed to our no-signup messenger. We’re committed to not collecting any more data than we need to get your message from A to B. It’s the way we like things.1

We had a chance to speak with Matt Baer, the founder and creator of LunchTable, during One Spark. Matt told us a bit about the platform itself, and why he decided to build it:

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