electric bike

We had a chance to speak with Abu Alim during One Spark. Alim was displaying his project, “Push and Go Electric Bike.” Of all the projects that were on display at One Spark, Alim’s electric bike is easily the one with the most potential.

In a nutshell, the bike utilizes an open thermodynamic system that allows it generate electricity from riding. The bike converts all of the kinetic energy from riding into clean electricity:

This is the first vehicle to use the open thermodynamic system. The first vehicle to produce positive energy. Push and Go needs no batteries or change it’s a E-bike showing the first applied Law of thermodynamics; You can’t create energy or deplete it only change it from one form to another…Currently vehicles create movement and that movement is mechanical kinetic energy and it can be harnessed and converted to clean 3 phase electricity using my hybrid electric generator systems. Currently vehicles use less than 2% of mechanical kinetic energy for the alternator to create all the electrical needs the vehicle has. 100% of all movement of the vehicle can be harnessed and converted to clean electricity.1

This electricity generating bike has some major, worldwide implications. Think about all of the rural areas throughout the U.S. and the World that don’t have regular access to electricity. This bike could be the solution. Abu was really an interesting man, and shared alot of the details about the bike with us during One Spark. I wasn’t able to find his website, but he in on Twitter. Go give Abu a shout out at @abufreepower.

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