MarioKartRideOnWhen you were a kid you probably dreamt about driving your own Mario Kart. Sure you wanted to have oil to leak out of the back, bananas to make other kids slip on and power ups to make you drive super fast, but you would have probably taken a real life Mario Kart no matter what the features.

Well toy maker Jakks Pacific has teamed up with Nintendo to make the Mario Kart a real life vehicle for toddlers. The vehicle, called the “Mario Kart Ride On” is expected to be available soon in the UK and in time for the holidays in the United States although ToysRus has it pegged for pre-release now and a release in March.

The Mario Kart Ride On won’t have any fancy things to thwart the kids following your toddler down the cul-de-sac with envy in their eyes but it is a real life Mario kart. It goes about 2.5 mph and recharges ala a Power Wheels. It’s also reasonably stylish and it appears the folks at Jakks Pacific paid strict attention to detail when modeling the vehicle off of Mario’s kart in Mario Kart 7.

The Mario Kart Ride On comes complete with sound effects and an on and off road mode. Although we’re not exactly sure what that means since the vehicle only goes 2.5 mph and has tires that look suited for asphalt.

As jealous as you may become of your child’s new vehicle, it’s definitely not made to support the weight of an actual adult. Of course you can walk next to your child as the other parents drool over your taste in toddler vehicles.

Pre-order it here from Amazon.

Image: DigitalTrends