There’s already a plethora of good mobile browsers out there, even more if you’re an Android user. Mobile users who have been using the Opera browser already know that the easy to use browser is saving precious data along with the money needed to pay for data, for any user.

Opera’s browser renders non-secure websites using their own cloud and instantaneously serves them back to a mobile handset or smartphone sometimes cutting the data associated with particular sites by more than half without compromising the integrity of the web material the user is viewing.

LetsMWCNow, at Mobile World Congress, Opera has introduced a new product called OperaMax. OperaMax takes the same approach and applies it across most web content on your phone.

Are you using heavy data consumption apps like Vine, Vimeo, Instagram or FlipBoard? With OperaMax you’ll get to see the same videos and pictures without using the same amount of data.

The company says for people on a 1gb data plan they find that using OperaMax they can get 1.5gb at the same cost. After a while that data adds up by using their proprietary system for compression.

“From Mini to Max, Opera has been the trailblazer in compression technology covering both mobile devices and desktop,” says Sergey Lossev, Head of Product, Opera Max. “That expertise, combined with my personal frustration at running over my data plan less than 10 days into the month, using apps while commuting to San Francisco, prompted me to create Opera Max.”

“As ‘kings of compression’, we think Opera Max is the next step in the evolution of this technology, which will intelligently compress data across apps, not just your browser,” adds Lossev. “Try it out to see how much more you can get from your data plan.”

OperaMax is currently coming out of beta with general release to start Tuesday morning.